#39 Attack without war (We NEVER condoned Piracy!)


In Col there were instances when you could attck (or be attacked by) other Europeans while remaining officialy at peace with them.

One example is a city where privateer is docking - it can be attacked or even occupied with no ill effect on the official relations with that faction (After all the official statement of every faction in the game is "WE NEVER CONDONED PIRACY" ;) )

It's not so new, if it hasn't been implememnted in Free Col yet, I'm sure it's waiting in the queque.

But now testing the Old game I discovered, thst this rule is also working on sea. I had peasce with the French (Actually to be precise, it was The Reoublic of Quebec, since the bastards have bacame independent) My Privateer ended it's turn next to Quebequian Frigate, so I sent my frigate on that field to prevent the Privatter from being attacked and possibly sunk, but the Quebequians attacked the BOTH ships anyway. Luckily they lost :) The Quebequian Frigate was sunk, the peace remained uncharmed.


  • Michael Vehrs
    Michael Vehrs

    This sounds as if it was possible to attack any tile with a privateer on it. This is a feature, or possibly a bug, of the original game that I was not aware of.

  • Misiulo

    >This is a feature, or possibly a bug

    Yes, it's the kind of thing that makes you wonder. But it seems, that it is a feature not a bug after all, since probability that they would by sheer accident decide to decleare war on me that specific moment, by attacking that specific unit, is microscopic.

    Plus it kind of makes sense. Imagine Privateer attacking foreign merchant ships taking adavantage of its anonymousness and in between those attacks hiding in ports or behind friendly sea units thus becoming untouchable.

  • Janet Hunt
    Janet Hunt

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  • Kalle Viiri
    Kalle Viiri

    I think it's a feature and if not, it's something between feature and a bug. The Col1 dev team was most likely aware of this, as they included the "Hey man, those corsairs of yours are totally not awesome"-dialogue before the attack. Also, I agree that privateers not being able to hide behind friendlies is a good thing.

    I think that withdrawing to Europe is a silly punishment, though. I often used it to my advantage in Col1, because it was an instant transfer. The computer should perhaps request tribute instead.

  • Mike Pope
    Mike Pope

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  • Mike Pope
    Mike Pope

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