#154 Colopedia misses: milit.strength, shop bonus

Pavel Jelínek

I think that Colopedia should explain such things as how much the strength of a soldier differs if he is a convert or petty criminal, or, on the other hand, King's regular. But I have not found it there.

Also, if I did not miss something, then colopedia does not explain how much advatage the blacksmith's shop (and other second level building) give in comparison to 1st level buildings.



  • Michael Vehrs
    Michael Vehrs

    Colopedia list the strength of units, but not the advantage of second-level buildings.

  • Michael Vehrs
    Michael Vehrs

    Basic production was added with commit #9795.

  • Pavel Jelínek
    Pavel Jelínek

    Does it????

    Under "Units" node, both "free colonist" and "veteran soldier" have the same offensive and defensive strength.So how can I know how much stronger veteran soldier is? Maybe it is reported in the "Expected combat result" dialog, but I think the player should know it beforehand.

    I also think that colopedia should (but does not) say how much combat strength a colonist gains by being equipped by muskets.

    And should not the manual clearly say under which circumstances a colony is captured? (This is partiluarly interesting with FF Revere, see IR 3521618).

    I think that many players come to Col from Civ and so they may expect Civ-like rules for capturing the colony. But I think there are some differences which not everyone will expect...

  • Lone_Wolf

    I've checked colopedia (trunk rev 10228) and found indeed info missing about offensive / defensive powers..

    Note : values are taken from a game with freecol rules .

    I propose the following additions to colopedia :

    Goods - Muskets :
    (when equipped)
    offensive power +1
    defensive power +1
    veteran soldier bonus +50 % off & def

    Goods - Horses
    (when equipped)
    offensive power +1
    defensive power +1
    Movement = 4

    Units - Veteran Soldier
    If equipped with muskets they get a +50% bonus to both offensive and defensive power
    (applied after muskets and horse bonuses)

    Units - Colonial Regular
    Offensive power = 3
    Defensive power = 4
    ambush bonus against REF units

    Units - King's Regular
    Offensive power = 4
    Defensive power = 5