#142 War of Independence

Angry A

One thing that has always bothered me about Col1 is that the War of Independence is very anti-climactic. This should be the great final point, the most difficult and exiting part of the game!
A big part of the problem is, that the REF forces are defeated too easily. Despite their superior strength, their forces are quickly destroyed because,
a) the terrain penalty
b) they cannot be rearmed after defeat, like the player's forces

Suggested changes:
- Keep a), but make the AI aware of it. Make the REF choose open ground whenever possible
- Demote defeated regulars to unarmed regulars. These are only destroyed when defeated once more. Allow them to be rearmed (and mounted) in REF-controlled cities
- Give the REF muskets and horses (or money to buy horses and muskets) in Europe every round. REF ships can then pick up these supplies and bring them to REF controlled cities in order to re-arm and mount units or arm the citizens for even further strength. The amount of horses/muskets/money supplied each round should depend upon the difficulty level (e.g. set to zero on easiest level but give 100 horses & muskets per turn on most difficult).
- Allow the REF to land multiple places, thereby also forcing the player to defend multiple locations (e.g. one main landing, but keep some extra forces to attack weakly defended positions away from the main battlefield).


  • Mike Pope
    Mike Pope

    All known (only too well) issues I am afraid. There are 20+ open bugs that boil down to `the AI is dumb'. Expect progress in this area to be slow as the AI is notoriously tricky code and developer time is quite limited.

  • Misiulo

    Rearming REF would be kind of contradictory to Col1 BUT I'm not opposing this idea with too much fury; the war of independence in Col 1 was indeed a sloppy part.

    (Personally I considered it rather tedious than just simply easy, and easy is easy to remedy, You can give them more units and that's it)

    Amass large enough forces, fortify them, decleare independence and then just keep pressing NEXT TURN until You win. So I agree there is much space for improvement - especially in context of Free Col 2, as FC1 by it's definition cannot and should not stray too far from the original.

    Some of the above ideas were actually part of the original game. The REF used to land in multiple locations. While the REF Soldiers were not rearmable, they were rehorsable. (Although quite frankly I think the AI was too stupid to actually do it). Furthermore, The Tory faction would use militia, colonists and equipment much like any other AI. Had they managed to occupy a colony they would sell goods, equip pioneers, bring muskets from Europe, and reinforce their army with royalist Tory militia.

    The Tory militia would even appear out of nowhere and attack poorely defended colonies, thus putting even inland settlements in danger. (Small colonies are used to have high Tory percentage, still when player decleares independence, they are forced to join, so i guess it makes sense).

    Last, but not least, if there is a hostile native Tribe anywhere near, the Tories would supply them with horses and muskets enough to mount and arm all their warriors, and the natives would then coordinate their furious onslaught form the continent, with Tory offensive form the sea. And Natives have the ability to still goods, and destroy buildings.