Trade with Europe

  • seddrik

    FreeCol 0.10.7
    Win 7

    Sent a ship with furs and wood. Reached Europe and got gold for it. I loaded the ship with 2 people and tried to send it back... and it goes in transit but never reaches my colony. It always returns to Europe. I change the trade route , I try many diff things, all with the same result.

    Any ideas what I am missing or is this a bug?

    I searched the pdf and the forums as much as I could but didnt see anything on this.


    Figured out a solution. Send it to Europe with a trade outré. Then clear the route and send it back. Weird but works.

    Enjoying the game. Reminds me so much of an old commodore 64 game I played and loved. : )

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  • Lone_Wolf

    Is the trade route setup like this :

    start colony : furs & wood in carrier screen
    2nd stop : europe, carrier screen empty

    This executes as follows :
    goto start colony, load furs and wood.
    Once both goods are loaded, sail for europe
    in europe : unload goods and return to start colony
    the unloading takes place, but before the trade route is continued you manually load units and give the ship a separate order to go to the new world.

    It goes into transit.

    At this point the ship has 2 sets of orders :
    - the traderoute
    - your manual order to sail to a colony

    My guess is the trade route code detects the ship has cargo on board and so follows the trade route order : sail to europe, unload cargo .

    I wonder what will happen if you load units on carrier, but don't order it into transit.

    This does look like you found a conflict that occurs when player does change cargo/orders for a carrier executing a trade route.

    Imo it is a bug, but how to deal with this requires some discussion.

    seddrik, please send a message about this to freecol-developers mailing list.

  • Mike Pope
    Mike Pope

    My guess is that the trade route logic determined that there was no work to do and so it moved to the current stop in the route. However, setting a destination for a unit with a trade route is not supposed to work --- trade routes and destinations are mutually exclusive. That it is possible to do it in Europe is a bug. If you try it with a unit on the map, you will get the message:

    traderoute.reassignRoute=Your %unit% is assigned to trade route %route%. Setting its destination will drop it from the trade route. Are you sure you want to do this?

    I will fix the Europe panel to do the same.