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Why "Ville de Québec"?

  • David P James
    David P James

    Why is it that the first French colony is called "Ville de Québec" rather than just "Québec" under the FreeCol rules?

    "Québec", as the name of the province, was not established until after the British conquest and the Royal Proclamation of 1763. The French never referred to the territory as Québec; it would have been Nouvelle France or Canada.

    Here's the relevant bit from Wikipedia on its Quebec entry:

    "The name "Québec", which comes from the Algonquin word kébec meaning "where the river narrows", originally referred to the area around Quebec City where the Saint Lawrence River narrows to a cliff-lined gap. Early variations in the spelling of the name included Québecq (Levasseur, 1601) and Kébec (Lescarbot 1609).[15] French explorer Samuel de Champlain chose the name Québec in 1608 for the colonial outpost he would use as the administrative seat for the French colony of New France."


    And then there's this on the entry for Quebec City:

    "According to the federal and provincial governments, Québec is the city's official name in both French and English, although Quebec City (or its French equivalent, Ville de Québec) is commonly used, particularly to distinguish the city from the province."


    In other words, "Quebec City" or "Ville de Québec" is entirely a result of the British decision to name the province/colony after its capital city and has no real history from the French colonial era.

    FreeCol doesn't have "City of New York"/"New York City" for name of the English colony, so it shouldn't for Québec, either.