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This is the FreeCol bug tracker. If you think you have found a bug this is the place to report it, except:

  • If it is a translation issue. Any text message in FreeCol is orignally written in English and then translated by the volunteers at translatewiki. If you have found a problem in non-English text, please go there to fix it. Only the translatewiki maintainer commits changes to FreeCol translations. OTOH, if a translated message contains strings "%like% %this%" (that is, English words enclosed in percentage signs) that is a FreeCol bug. Except, if the words are not in English, then it is a translation bug again. I hope that was clear!
  • If it is a difference between FreeCol and Colonization 1. These should go on the Pending Features for FreeCol tracker. There is further discussion of such issues on the What Would Col1 Do? wiki.
  • If it is a request for an improvement rather than an actual bug. These go on the Improvement Requests tracker.

Known Common Bugs

Windows Installer failure

The installer for 0.11.2 on Windows had problems BR#2790, which should be improved in 0.11.3, however not all cases are fixed and there is still concern for systems where the installed Java uses a different word size (32/64 bits) than the underlying operating system.

Game corruption

There is a nasty game corrupting bug on the loose BR#2796. We need a reproducible test case to make definitive progress on it, however 0.11.3 contains a fix for our current best guess at a possible cause, and a further fix that makes the corruption recoverable by saving and reloading the game. Another theory alas is that it is caused by certain versions of Java, which is not something we can fix.

Hangs due to hidden dialogs

There are ongoing issues with dialogs and popups disappearing behind the main FreeCol map, particularly on Windows and with full screen mode. This makes the game appear to hang. See BR#2328 for some discussion of workarounds. As far as we can tell this is a Java library issue, not something we can fix in FreeCol.

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Created Updated Labels Priority
2867 Uncaught Exceptions Current open Fenyo 2015-06-13 2015-06-16 5  
2854 A City can not be opened Current open-needs-info Diniar Namdarian 2015-05-12 2015-05-13 5  
2850 Runaway Screen Current open-needs-info Banzai Beagle 2015-04-29 2015-04-30 5  
2849 Wait forever the Independence Current open-needs-info sorrab barros 2015-04-26 2015-04-26 Independence 5  
2839 TileInfoPanel glitched Current open wintertime 2015-04-10 2015-05-13 GUI, media 5  
2830 Not all battle outcomes reported Current open-needs-info Evgeny 2015-03-28 2015-03-30 5  
2828 Custom house problem Current open-needs-info cyberlpt 2015-03-21 2015-03-29 5  
2827 Ownership of Ocean without Dock (User nation) Current open-WWC1D Calebrw 2015-03-17 2015-05-09 5  
2824 Congress is filled too quickly Current open-WWC1D anonymissimus 2015-03-14 2015-03-26 5  
2820 Alt-Enter empty panel glitch Current open wintertime 2015-03-11 2015-04-29 5  
2813 [313b16] Lack of Tools/building supplies not reported to user Current open Calebrw 2015-02-18 2015-02-25 Colony Panel, Turn Report 5  
2806 Information on corner stopped showing Current open-needs-info wintertime 2015-02-09 2015-05-10 5  
2803 Pop-up messages on dual monitor system Current open Federico Vaga 2015-02-08 2015-03-29 UI 5  
2796 Unable to end turn - game waits forever (v 0.11.2) Current open-needs-info martinv 2015-01-15 2015-03-06 5  
2795 Orphaned unit Current open-needs-info Ron Wheeler 2015-01-14 2015-01-15 unit in limbo 5  
2790 0.11.2 Installer not completing/wrong directory Current open Calebrw 2015-01-04 2015-03-09 Installer, Windows 7  
2751 [43ee655] After certain actions, the next unit to be commanded is not properly centered Current open-needs-info Kamamura 2014-11-26 2014-12-02 5  
2730 Frigate can't disembark Current open Alan 2014-10-26 2015-05-03 UI 5  
2729 Game is minimized when opening some windows Current open-needs-info Andrey T 2014-10-26 2015-05-10 Windows 2  
2722 Missing animations Current open Mike Pope 2014-10-22 2015-05-19 media 5  
2703 Game freezes on starting video Current open-needs-info Karamel 2014-06-11 2015-03-15 video, menu 3  
2611 toggling fullscreen mode crashes when started with intro movie Current open Lone_Wolf 2013-12-11 2014-06-08 Java 5  
2593 Hang after first turn if enableUpkeep turned on in specification.xml Current open-needs-info Mike Pope Bryce Harrington 2013-11-11 2015-05-18 Server Gameplay 5  
2580 Where is the name? Current open KeplerBR 2013-08-15 2014-06-08 UI 3  
2527 Usability issues Current open Reijo Tomperi 2013-03-14 2015-02-08 UI 5  
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