#543 unloading troops from ships - troops can move right away

Lasse Bigum

If you put a dragoon in a ship, put it next to land, then you can unload and move the dragoon straight away after unloading it.

I don't recall this was possible in the old Colonization, but it is possible in Freecol, and it seems very strange. This make surprise attacks by sea possible, and I have had the computer do this to me several times now. Somewhat annoying ;)


  • Sergio Cambra
    Sergio Cambra

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    I don't remember it was possible in colonization, but IMHO cost of unloading a unit should be cost of moving to that tile (I think that is the current cost). I leave this bug open in order to other developers give their opinion

  • Lasse Bigum
    Lasse Bigum

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    I think the unit should loose the rest of its movement points for the current turn. It should only be possible to move units straight away, if they disembark in a coastal city. When you first make landfall, your units cannot move any further, but this is probably due to the difference in movement points between free colonists and dragoons.

    If you allow units to move right after landing (if you just move them into an unoccupied piece of land), then you can make pretty sneaky attacks this way, if you land on a river tile.

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    > If you put a dragoon in a ship, put it next
    > to land, then you can unload and move the
    > dragoon straight away after unloading it.

    Yes, this makes a suprise attack possible. I think this is a nice feature - especially since the artillery looses all of it's movepoints (giving colonies with forts a quite good protection against such an attack).

    > [...] This make surprise attacks by sea possible [...]

    It is also possible attacking directly from a ship :-)

    ...and this feature is required: if not, it would be possible having an unattackable island by placing colonist on the shores. Attacking from a ship is also dangerous since it is possible loosing all the units if the ship is sunk. Forts give excellent protection against such attacks - since the fort autofires on the ships.

  • swisscarbon

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    As far as I recall, in the original game a unit lost all its movement points when landing and it was not possible to attack directly from a ship. (But I might mix something up with Civ.)

    Another thing to consider might be consitency with unloading in colonies. I do not think it makes sens that a ship looses all movement points when entring a harbour but non when unloading units on a shore. (but this is the way it was in the original game)

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    I agree that units should use their movement points to get onto land, or atleast a set percentage: No matter how fast you are on land, the row-boats you are using to get ONTO land are the exact same speed.

    On another note, ships should also lose a movement point when landing units, because they have to wait for said boats to be rowed back by their crew. That, and some of the crew has to row them there in the first place.

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