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This is the FreeCol bug tracker. If you think you have found a bug this is the place to report it, except:

  • If it is a translation issue. Any text message in FreeCol is orignally written in English and then translated by the volunteers at translatewiki. If you have found a problem in non-English text, please go there to fix it. Only the translatewiki maintainer commits changes to FreeCol translations. OTOH, if a translated message contains strings "%like% %this%" (that is, English words enclosed in percentage signs) that is a FreeCol bug. Except, if the words are not in English, then it is a translation bug again. I hope that was clear!

  • If it is a difference between FreeCol and Colonization 1. These should go on the Pending Features for FreeCol tracker. There is further discussion of such issues on the What Would Col1 Do? wiki.

  • If it is a request for an improvement rather than an actual bug. These go here.

Known Common Bugs

Hangs due to hidden dialogs

There are ongoing issues with dialogs and popups disappearing behind the main FreeCol map, particularly on Windows and with full screen mode. This makes the game appear to hang. See bug report #2328 for some discussion of workarounds. As far as we can tell this is a Java library issue, not something we can fix in FreeCol.

Early window mode changes

Users of openJDK may encounter crashes and hangs when switching from windowed to full screen mode or vice versa, especially during the opening video bug report #2611. This is due to a known bug in openJDK. Workarounds have been tried unsuccessfully, for now please just wait until into the game proper before changing windowed mode. Hopefully the openJDK bug will be fixed soon.

Turn report font

Sometimes the turn report uses the wrong font. This is mysterious. If you are able to reproduce the problem reliably, or have an idea as to what triggers it, please comment on bug report #2662.

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2755 [d744ffe] Penalties and bonuses due to liberty in a colony is not recalculated when moving colonist on a ship Current open Kamamura 1 day ago 22 hours ago 5  
2754 [d744ffe] Remaining moves of a moving unit are not updated anymore Current open Kamamura 1 day ago 9 hours ago 5  
2753 [43ee655] Trade refused and Kon.name Current open Kamamura 2 days ago 1 day ago 5  
2752 [43ee655] It's no longer possible to recognize villages not visited Current open Kamamura 2 days ago 1 day ago 5  
2751 [43ee655] After certain actions, the next unit to be commanded is not properly centered Current open Kamamura 2 days ago 1 day ago 5  
2749 The pioneers who are not experts don't show their remaining tools Fixed_trunk pending-fixed Bernat 2014-11-21 6 days ago 5  
2748 buying land from natives works without funds Fixed_trunk pending-fixed sjy68a16a3pu9oy5o0rpzq20lrd5 2014-11-18 2014-11-19 5  
2744 [275276d] Problems with scouts and diplomacy Current open-needs-info Kamamura 2014-11-09 3 days ago 5  
2743 Unaccessible tile. Map generation issue? Unspecified open-needs-info FRO 2014-11-09 2014-11-19 Map generator 5  
2742 [7692b13] After multiple sales at home port, window sections resize obscuring the lower row of goods icons Current open Kamamura 2014-11-07 2014-11-07 UI 3  
2740 [91e7ce1] Dock in Nieuw Amsterdam never gets built Current open-needs-info Kamamura 2014-11-06 2014-11-12 Server Gameplay, Client Gameplay 5  
2732 Open Colony window hides Map Controls and does not return them Current open-needs-info Simon Small 2014-10-27 2014-11-07 5  
2731 With 2 natives on one tile the Activate all units option is available Current open-needs-info Simon Small 2014-10-26 2014-11-07 5  
2730 Frigate can't disembark Current open Alan 2014-10-26 2014-10-28 UI 5  
2729 Game is minimized when opening some windows Current open-needs-info Andrey T 2014-10-26 2014-11-12 Windows 2  
2726 Game unplayable on high res, high density Windows 8 setups Current open-needs-info Six2 2014-10-24 2014-10-28 5  
2722 Missing animations Current open Mike Pope 2014-10-22 2014-10-22 media 5  
2720 At Ruins, expedition is lost; gives "The Server can not do that" message Current open-needs-info Simon Small 2014-10-20 2014-10-26 Server Gameplay 5  
2717 Inconsistency and missing documentation on home directory Current open-needs-info Simon Small 2014-10-10 2014-10-26 Documentation problem 5  
2703 Game freezes on starting video Current open-needs-info Karamel 2014-06-11 2014-08-07 video, menu 3  
2691 hang : illegal move : attack_unit Current open Lone_Wolf 2014-03-12 2014-11-12 Server Gameplay 5  
2690 Mouse clicks not registered on some game windows Current open wintertime 2014-03-11 2014-06-08 UI 5  
2662 turn report sometimes uses wrong font Current open Lone_Wolf 2014-02-11 2014-09-28 UI 5  
2655 production icons disappear from colony panel Current open Lone_Wolf 2014-01-29 2014-06-08 UI 5  
2648 Freeze waiting for natives Current open-needs-info William Astle 2014-01-18 2014-06-08 Server Gameplay 5  
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