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This is the FreeCol bug list. If you think you have found a bug, this is the place to report it, unless it is a difference between FreeCol and Colonization 1, which should go on the `Pending Features for FreeCol' list.

You can help FreeCol by commenting on these bugs

AI behaviour

If you see cases where the `Wrong behaviour' is still happening, please comment.

  • BR#919: Wrong behaviour: AIs moving ordinary units towards captured colonies.
    Right behaviour: AIs moving ordinary units to its own colonies.

  • BR#990: Wrong behaviour: AI ships just standing around.
    Right behaviour: AI ships should always be moving unless they genuinely have nothing to do, in which case they should wait at a colony or Europe.

  • BR#1463: Wrong behaviour: AI ships getting stuck in great rivers.
    Right behaviour: AI ships should now back off if they get blocked in a river.

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# Summary Milestone Status Owner Creator Created Labels Priority
2696 Indians content but at war Fixed_0.10.0 open Krolyn 1 day ago 7  
2694 map desynchronization with enhanced missionary establishing mission Current open-needs-info Lone_Wolf 2014-03-30 5  
2691 hang : illegal move : attack_unit Current open Lone_Wolf 2014-03-12 5  
2690 Mouse clicks not registered on some game windows Current open wintertime 2014-03-11 5  
2683 moving unit from job to ship doesn't update rebel sentiment percentage Current open-needs-info flaviojs 2014-02-26 Client Gameplay 5  
2675 Galleon showing wrong cargo in Europe Current open-needs-info wintertime 2014-02-22 Client Gameplay 5  
2670 Disagreeing production numbers Current open wintertime 2014-02-21 5  
2665 320 Fixed_trunk pending-fixed Mike 2014-02-14 9  
2664 meeting europeans - server can't do that Current open-needs-info Lone_Wolf 2014-02-13 Server Gameplay 5  
2662 turn report sometimes uses wrong font Current open Lone_Wolf 2014-02-11 5  
2658 Savegame writing broken on Windows Fixed_trunk pending-fixed wintertime 2014-02-05 5  
2655 production icons disappear from colony panel Current open Lone_Wolf 2014-01-29 GUI 5  
2651 Mysterious REF Units Current open-needs-info William Astle 2014-01-26 Server Gameplay 5  
2650 weird active unit cursor / map behaviour related to popups Fixed_trunk pending-fixed Lone_Wolf 2014-01-22 UI 5  
2648 Freeze waiting for natives Current open-needs-info William Astle 2014-01-18 General gameplay 5  
2630 resource output in Col1 Current open-WWC1D Lone_Wolf 2014-01-02 Specification 5  
2629 Silver output in freecol differs from Col1 Current open-WWC1D Lone_Wolf 2014-01-02 Specification 5  
2628 Ore production in Col1 differs from freecol Current open-WWC1D Lone_Wolf 2014-01-02 Specification 5  
2627 town hall bug Current open-needs-info Evgeny 2014-01-02 Client gameplay 5  
2625 Ship destination bug Fixed_trunk pending-fixed Evgeny 2014-01-01 5  
2623 FF Cost in bells (in Colonization) Fixed_trunk pending-fixed Misiulo 2013-12-31 5  
2618 zero city population Current open-needs-info Evgeny 2013-12-28 AI 5  
2615 Crosses in Col versus FreeCol Fixed_trunk pending-fixed Misiulo 2013-12-24 3  
2611 toggling fullscreen mode crashes when started with intro movie Current open Lone_Wolf 2013-12-11 openjdk 5  
2603 Issues with the way Wish creates transportable Fixed_trunk pending-fixed wyztix 2013-11-19 serialization 5  
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