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    Hunted Snake

    A long time ago, in 2005 actually, i made a small clone of C&C in Flash, i got this idea of making the first online multiplayer C&C game in Flash and it became very popular too.  It runs completely inside your browser and allows 2 players to play on my server.  Unfortunately i didn't have time to continue working on the project and i lost my interest.  Now when i saw your site, i got motivation to make a new engine in flash to reproduce other aspects in the game.

    Currently I am working on a new game engine to load all the original maps from C&C: Tiberian Dawn into my flash game.  I made a program in C++ to export all the Tile images with their TileIDs from the original game in the correct sequence so that it can be imported in flash.  I also made another program to decode the original map files (.bin, .map) and convert them to XML files so that they can be loaded in my flash game.  Also you can use the original C&C map editor for Tiberian Dawn to create your own maps and load them into my game.  I made a small demo to show what is completed so far.  Its a little rusty right now, some tiles are misplaced.  In the next version i will also process the INI files so i will be able to display the full map including trees, walls, tiberium, enemy buildings etc. exactly as they appear in the missions.

    Demo is here:

    Tiberian Dawn map editor with all GDI mission maps and Mix files: