I am a Unix guy and am quite used to saying ./configure && make && make install. However, I am currently developing on Windoze so I am beginning to appreciate platform-independent ways of building libraries. The configure dance is fine for POSIX-like environments but only works on Windoze when using cygwin.

The env I am in right now is for Visual Studio. Any third party C++ libraries have to be built from source, due to lack of a std ABI for C++ and the various compile-time switches we use (e.g checked iterators, unicode support etc etc). So I really need to be able to build libical for Windoze using Visual Studio 2005. I don't think a pre-compiled binary will quite cut it, although I would try it if one was available.

I have seen several ways to tackle the cross-platform build problem. They include:

MPC (MakeProjectCreator) - This is my personal favourite since it creates VS project files (and Makefiles for POSIX of course).
CMake - I've not used it yet but I've heard lots of good things about it.
perforce jam - not as good as MPC IMO but still good.
boost jam - too complex for me...

Would it be possible for libical to start to use one of these in the interests of cross-platform building?