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FreeACS / News: Recent posts

Corrected Wiki Discussion Permissions

Yes, I know, it's kind of embarrassing, I invited people to comment on my thoughts about FreeACS's Component Architecture, but had forgotten to open commenting to non-members! Sorry about that.

Please drop by and check it out! You can find it at this link: http://freeacs.wiki.sourceforge.net/ComponentOverview

Posted by Vagelis Giannadakis 2009-02-10

System Architecture available on the Wiki!

I wrote an article about the system architecture of FreeACS in the project's Wiki, which you can find at http://freeacs.wiki.sourceforge.net/. Please drop by to check it out and write your comments!

Posted by Vagelis Giannadakis 2009-01-03

The inactivity is over!

After a long period of inactivity, due to various personal "adventures," I'm back! Expect some aggressive activity from this project!

Posted by Vagelis Giannadakis 2008-11-25