Free-SA 2.0.0b5

Dear Free-SA users,

We are very close to stable 2.0.0 version though we all wait for it too long.

* All potential moderate level bugs detected by Coverity Scan were fixed.
* 3483106 (r_index.c)
Fixed incomplete list of years in calendar report.
* (w_internal.*, w_log_operatons.c, r_topusers.c, r_privacy.c)
Improved const correctness and return code handling.
* (free-sa.conf.sample)
Default value of 'index_sort' option was set to proper one.
* (l_postfix_syslog.c)
Corrected unknown status reporting.
* FR3382143 (l_postfix_syslog.c)
Added support for 'undeliverable' status.
* FR3380904 (l_postfix_syslog.c)
Added support for Postfix 'virtual' delivery agent.
* (, README)
Some tiny corrections for copyright notice.
* (free-sa-centos-5.spec, redhat-*
Added support for all CentOS 5.x.
* (configs/*.mk)
'--relax' ld flag removed since it is not supported by recent gcc.
* (w_internal.c)
Unused variable removed.
* FR3024195 (w_config.c)
You may use TAB for separating usertab entries.
* (w_svg.*)
Several improvements in SVG code.
* (
W3C standards conformance defined more precisely with version number.
* (r_users.c)
Tiny corrections for file open function call.
* (r_efficiency.c, r_topsites.c, r_topusers.c, w_config.*, free-sa.conf*)
New options for customizable SVG graphics reports 'users_graphics_svg', 'top_sites_svg', 'top_users_svg', 'server_efficiency_svg' were added.
Additional 'reports_svg_width' option has been introduced for optimizing SVG graphics reports to specific screen resolution.
* (w_config.*, r_topusers.c, free-sa.conf*)
New options 'users_excess' and 'users_excess_limit' were added for generating plain text report file with users exceeding specified limit.
* FR3137680 (w_log_operations.c)
Clear cache directory in case if no records were found and exit with good return code.
* FR2135539 (w_config.*, r_index.c, free-sa.conf*)
New option for calendar navigation menu has been added.

Posted by Oleg S. 2012-03-04