Can't start Freedoko 0.7.3 EntryPointNotFound

  • Everytime i want to start freedoko, i get the following error message:

    The procedure entry point XML_SetDoctypeDeclHandler could not be located in the dynamic linkn library xmlparse.dll

    • Please check if you have in your PATH any other DLL with this name. We had this issue already with other people in our previous version and eerybody could fix this so far by renaming all other xmlparse.dll's in his PATH.

      sincerely Borg Enders

    • I had the same problem, but the only xmlparse.dll file on the system was the one from freedoko.
      The problem was solved when I copied these file (+ xmltok.dll) to the program directory (where freedoko.bat is)
      Hope that might solve your problem

    • Thx for all the replies.

      Ok, the problem has been solved now, by renaming the two files 'xmlparse and xmltok' in the windows system32 directory.

      Anyway, thx again

         Signor Rossi