Soon I start working on my master thesis which will likely involve writing code for Statistical Energy Analysis or SEA. SEA is used within vibroacoustics to model the flow of acoustic power through a vibrating system. An example is modeling the vibrations in cars due to the engine. In general SEA is used in the high-frequency region whereas FEA is used in the low-frequency region. 

In SEA a geometry is first designed. Then, the relevant components are modeled as subsystems. These subsystems are connected through couplings. Power is added into the system through excitation of one or more subsystems. Power dissipation in subsystems and couplings are modeled using loss factors. Finally, a single matrix composed of loss factors, modal densities and input powers, are solved resulting in the modal energies of each subsystem, from which their vibration or noise levels can be calculated.
While I have a good understanding about this method, and already have a Python code capable of SEA, I do not know much about geometries, and I was therefore looking for a geometry kernel. Having seen this project I am now actually thinking of writing it as a module for FreeCAD.

There are two questions I have, for which I wasn't able to find the answers.

Freddy Rietdijk