On 08.10.2013 16:53, Ali Kemal Özkan wrote:
Hi Guys, Im having a little problem when I try to import from a Python file, which is placed in an another folder, to FreeCAD. Python file location : c:/users/workspace/main.py FreeCAD : c:/program files (x86)/FreeCAD0.13/bin when I'm trying to import with the command " from FreeCAD import * " I get an error : "FreeCAD 0.13, Libs: 0.13R1828 Initialization of FreeCAD failed: While initializing FreeCAD the following exception occurred: ''module' object has no attribute 'PrintError''Please contact the application's support team for more information. " But when i create a Python file in FreeCAD 's folder it works. I mean with import FreeCAD like I wrote above. ps : My Python Version is 2.7.5 and FreeCAD is : 0.13
isn't FreeCAD built against Python2.6? In this case it doesn't work because using two different Python versions at runtime is not possible.

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