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Frame UML 1.2.1 released

Frame UML 1.2.1 released.
1.Toolbar can be vertical;
2.Add some help file;
3.Add manifest file for it to make it look like XP;

Posted by guoyong li 2009-02-27

Frame UML 1.20 released

Frame UML 1.20 released. It can help you more.
1) Add "Parser" object for javascript, it can make it easy to parse source code;
2) Add a javascript file to parse Java source code. It is not very all-sided, it does not parse attribute. But you can imitate it to make it all-sided.You can find it in InstallDir/Script and in menu "Tools->Parse Java";
3) Add a javascript file to print class infomation. It shows how to use Database object, you can imitate it to generate source file.You can find it in InstallDir/Script and in menu "Tools->Print Class";
4) Add a help file, it will be shown when press "F1". There are only script added in it;

Posted by guoyong li 2009-02-05

Frame UML can be compiled in VC++2005 now

1)Some files have been changed, so that it can be compiled in VC++2005. You can double-click Frame.dsp to update it into VC++2005 project file;
2)Add an "About" bitmap.

Posted by guoyong li 2009-01-17

Frame UML 1.10 released, invite members to join in

Frame UML1.10 released, you can find it here, . It is a UML tool that can support UML2.x.x, use GPL license.
I have not enough time and ability to fulfill it alone. So I am very glad that you can join the project if you are familiarize with VC++, javascript, or write help for it, or join it as a stander-by and offer your advice.

Basic functions are all prompted, but it is not enough for commercial use.... read more

Posted by guoyong li 2009-01-11