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CVS, finally!

I've finally set up cvs. So you can download the bleeding edge from now, and also to contribute to the project.

Posted by uberto barbini 2002-08-06

Release Fractal Forge 2.8.1

Improved the animator tool

Posted by uberto barbini 2002-05-31

New survey

I've made a survey for FF users.
Please, use it for a better FF.

Posted by uberto barbini 2002-05-20

Huge hits increment in FF downloads

I've noticed that FF download are passed from 10-20 for day to about 300 for day with a peak of 3300. Someone can explain me why?
Not that I'm complaining... ;)

Posted by uberto barbini 2002-05-20

Released FractalForge version 2.8.0

YAR. New formulas, some Julia bugfix, some speed up and ui improvements.

Posted by uberto barbini 2002-04-24

Released FractalForge version 2.7.2

New help file, new filters and more!

Posted by uberto barbini 2002-04-09

FractalForge released 2.6.0

FractalForge is a mature fractal application written in Delphi only for Windows (for now...). Up to many bugfixes you can also find: Much better Orbits windows. New graphical filters. Transform sequences of images in avi animations.

Posted by uberto barbini 2002-03-06

New release! FractalForge 2.6

The new release include a feature to produce avi of fractal "tours". Julia floating and others.

Posted by uberto barbini 2001-03-30

New FractalForge-Interest list

We opened a ML for discussion about Fractal Forge and Fractals in general.
A new release of Fractal Forge is now imminent.

Posted by uberto barbini 2001-03-20

Fractal Forge history

01 august 2000
Version 2.4 b4

Fractal Forge was born the day I had to print several fractal images and some simple posters with an Epson Stylus color printer. Back then, I realized there was no true color fractal generator for MS-Windows in the shareware market, so I decided to program one myself. I called it UbiMandel (after my name), and I wrote it in Visual Basic 3. I did not optimize the first version's algorithm because I didn't need to. Once I bought Delphi, I wondered what * simple program I could do, so I began to code True Mandel, another fractal program. I started it in May 1995 and finished it next October. I released it on the Internet as True Mandel 1.0 (, which stands for True Color Mandelbrot Set Generator.
Later, I decided to migrate to the win32-bit world (NT and 95-98) using Delphi 2. Soon, there were two shareware versions: 1.5 and 1.6. In 1999, I completely rewrote TrueMandel in Delphi 4, and changed its name to Fractal Forge because there are several programs with similar names already available.... read more

Posted by uberto barbini 2000-08-03

New beta

I'm working on version 2.4
Asap I'll release a new beta source here.

Posted by uberto barbini 2000-08-03