Statistic problem

  • Hi all.
    First, I want to thank you for the amazing work that has been done with freepokerdb. I'm using it for now a few thousand hands, and find it actually quite good for an open-source software. I had already used holdem manager, but as I don't have a license I now decided to give your program a try, and was actually amazed. I expected some minimalistic tracker, and it is not!
    Even though things are lacking when you come back from a commercial rolls-royce, I have little to no negative feedback on it.

    Now, what I am here for: I noticed a behaviour problem with the "continuation bet" statistic. I have an opponent who has 85% continuation bet but 0% PFR.
    I think there is a mistake in your definition for a continuation bet (and since I don't know what you used I can't make use of this…).
    What a continuation bet is: a bet on the flop when you were the preflop aggressor (which means the last player to raise preflop).
    Then are defined CBet_turn as a bet on the turn when you did Cbet the flop. And lastly Cbet_river as a bet on the river when you did cbet the turn.

    I did not notice any other strange behaviour so far.

    And and a additionnal question: I did read on a forum that it was possible to specify the preferred seat preference in the hud's xml, but where and how? Is there any documentation about how to modify the hud's .xml file?

    Thank you very much.

  • Okay, so apparently it works when I use the correct statistic: cb1 for Cbet on the flop.
    However it seems strange that the %continuation bet does behave the way I asked up above. I suppose a bet is considered a continuation bet if the better is also the last aggressor on the last street. However continuation bet and 2nd barrel are not the same. Continuation bet turn should only be counted if the bet on the flop was a continuation bet flop, and same for continuation bet river with the continuation bet turn.

    Best regards.