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FoxEye version 0.3 alpha released.

FoxEye was at first created as an IRC (Internet Relay Chat) network bot, i.e. the network daemon which controls functionality and protection of IRC channels. It enters IRC network as user, joins channel and tries don't leave it until crash or terminate. I've made it since eggdrop bot is too buggy and hardly binded to Tcl. But now that functionality is greatly extended to be multipurpose modularised client (or even server) for any messaging network: IRC, ICQ, etc., etc. It contains a core with common functions and number of modules. Modules may implement a bot, an user interface (with external executable(s) of custom text UI or GUI), a server daemon, etc. This alpha release now can join channels in IRC networks (simultaneously different channels in different networks, of course) and log all that happening there, also admin can send messages via telnet console to these channels too. It's all for now, privileged functionality isn't tested yet, and all other functionality being in development yet.

Posted by Lonely Stranger 2006-10-14