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FoxAdmin Suite / News: Recent posts

Big release - 0.7

Release of fixed and updated foxadmin and siread.

Posted by Vojtech Kysela 2004-05-10

First try in real competition.

Our software was tested on satursday 22th April 2004 in the competition "Long Distance". We made several changes to code. FoxAdmin was quite succesful (in the results the first competitor was also the first in the commercial program :D).

Posted by Michal Tulacek 2004-04-26

Siread 0.5 released

Wow! This will work good (tested), all important things should be OK! Just try it...

Posted by Vojtech Kysela 2003-11-18

Siread 0.3 released

Siread, the SI readup kit for linux (or other unices with compatible libc and handling of serial ports) was released. Unpack the package and read the README and INSTALL files for detail info.

Posted by Vojtech Kysela 2003-10-21