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4Pane: version 1.0 released

4Pane 1.0 released. 4Pane is a dual twin-pane Linux file manager. New features: a su/sudo frontend; xz and lzma support; better usability

In more detail:

4Pane is a highly configurable Linux file manager. It has dual twin-panes, each of which has a directory tree-view pane and a detailed-list pane for files. Advanced features include undo/redo, archive management, multiple renaming and user-defined tools.

4Pane 1.0 has now been released. Apart from the usual bug-fixes, the main changes are:

* There's now a built-in su/sudo front-end
* Support for a greater range of archives and compressed files: xz, lzma, lzop, 7z and more
* Better keyboard navigation
* User-defined commands enhancements
* Better usb-device discovery

Posted by David Hart 2012-06-18