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Definitive word on where to get stuff

OK, to avoid confusion.

The definitive place to download the latest tarball will be CPAN. However, if you want the latest and greatest development stream, check CVS. You don't need a sourceforge account to get the CVS version.

I'm also hoping to transition the bug tracking away from SF and onto RT at CPAN ( IIRC), so stay tuned for that in the nearish future.

Sourceforge is just too buggy/annoying/blah for regular use. *sigh*... read more

Posted by Kirrily Robert 2001-12-20

Get 0.49 from CPAN

Version 0.49 is up on CPAN. Sourceforge is giving me
trouble uploading it, and I can't be bothered wasting time on
it, so get it from there, not here.

Posted by Kirrily Robert 2001-10-02

stuff! (l10n, templates, yada yada)

There's a bunch o' stuff working now. Check the mailing list for details. Also, I could do with some help on the validation routines.

Posted by Kirrily Robert 2000-11-09