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IRC BOT Botube2. Beta Testers needed

  • Hello,

    My IRC BOT (Botube2) is on hold by now. I need beta testers to create something stable.
    If you are interested in giving help, leave me a message at the Botube2 forum.
    You will enjoy Botube2.


    Thanks for your help.
    javiergargon at gmail.com

    Last edit: Javier García González 2013-05-17
    • Javier, I have a Masters degree from Georgia Tech, I studied user interface design and I'm an artist. In March 2004, I had a brain injury, so now, I have a very limited short term memory, which actually would help me doing user testing, since I am now a 'stupid or naive user'! That's a joke, laugh. I also only use the MacIntosh, I have a MacBook Pro, Mac OS X v 10.7.5, 1.5 GHz Intel core and 2 GB memory, if you can use me, I'm interested. I'm a trained graphic designer. In the IDT (information design technology) program, I did a better job designing interfaces than programmers. Email me directly at snowolffbook @ gmail.com. I was in a phd program at NCSU when an anyuerism caused my brain injury. I now have limited mobility, so look for things to do on the computer. I have a guardian and get SSDI, so monetary payment is a problem. But I have lots of time. I have no clue what Botube2 is, but if you have another thing I could help with, that's fine too.

      • Hello Jennifer,
        Botube2 is an IRC Bot programmed in Python. It pretends to extend the IRC funcionalities through a plugin system. You only need to be a normal user of IRC and basic administration of a Linux system to beta test this project. Im pretty sure your capabilities are more than enough to help. If you are interested in this project, let me know.
        Thanks for your help, Jennifer.

  • justinmlotz

    im game ill do this

  • Aby Skaria
    Aby Skaria

    Let me try this. Hope you will keep in touch.

    • Let me know your email to get in touch and coordinate efforts.
      Thanks for your help, Aby.

  • Seba

    Javier how are you?

    Let me know how can I help you to test your project.

    Best regards.

    • Seba, if you are interested in beta testing boTube2, I would like to know how to contact you by email, skype, google talk, etc... to coordinate efforts. You can write to my email address at the top of the thread.
      Thanks for your help.