test experix, a calculator / device controller with graphics

  • experix.sourceforge.net is a RPN-style calculator intended for general calculations; device control and automation; acquisition, analysis, presentation and archiving of data. It takes commands from keyboard and script files. It can run arbitrary commands in threads, with inter-thread communication. Its file i/o commands write and read arbitrary binary and formatted data. It does arbitrarily specified USB bulk and control transfers. It makes graphs of all sorts of data very fast with easily learned commands. It will benefit from your testing and suggestions, and you will find it extremely useful.

  • Oleg


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    • Hi, Oleg,
      This is interesting. If you know of a company or laboratory that needs to develop some sort of data acquisition / device control / analysis system, and can get them interested in trying experix, your student might work on that. I will definitely want to keep in touch and help the project. I suggest going at it this way because experix is very open-ended and does not have specific purposes as you would find in a program for running a particular machine or analysing data from a defined process. Something I want to get done for my project is a bootable USB drive that can run an appropriate Linux distro and experix on anybody's machine. I am just beginning to look into that. It would certainly be useful for your student who wants to pursue an experix development project. Do you have somebody who would like to work on that?