Help needed for Testing My New Project

  • developerck

    Hi ,

    I created a new open-source web based project for "changelog and checklist management."
    I have launched a beta version of that project.
    As i am alone on this project, i need help from a tester who can test and provide suggestion.

    Project Name : ECM (Ease Changelog Manager)

    project link :

    you can check the project demo by

    For More, feel free to contact

    Thanks and Regards

  • lexoyo

    Nice work! :)
    It worked for me and I guess I almost understood what it does
    Looks nice.. The tool tips ("?") could be more explicit but it is ok.
    How do you see the use of this project with jira or maven?

    • developerck

      Hi lexoyo

      Thanks For review and appreciation, that pumped me high.

      I am trying to make a help file for all this, also working on some major enhancement , that will be shown soon.

      And as per your concern , for jeera and maven.

      Requirement for this kind of project is.

      As For Most Web projects

      • first of all we create a project
      • we do some release as per mile stone
      • Issues are logged on jeera or bugzilla or any issue-tracker, we fix them and associate changelogs with them

      But Some Time Situations are.

      • There are many server for one project, specially product
      • You have a big size of code
      • Your code is hosted on many server
      • Every server might have different release version
      • You do not want to upload full code , just the changes as per release version or issues
      • Every server might have different checklist to follow before and after deployment
      • if you are providing release weekly , means release are more, so it is bulky to maintain it in some sort of file.

      In above case , ECM is very useful, And it's enhancements can speed up developer team task at time of deployment.

      And I am also waiting for suggestions and reviews so that it might be useful for many.

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    • developerck

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