MathBench looking for developers

Rich Bowen
  • Rich Bowen
    Rich Bowen

    Posted on behalf of tibonihoo

    MathBench started as a tool to help perform some calculations and experimentations in python with very similar goals as IPython's notebook.

    Due to lack of time I can't maintain nor develop it anymore but I'm willing to let somebody else take over the project.

    I think MathBench is still a good playground for engineering and science students looking for a simple way to interact with one of their homegrown libraries (MathBench's plugin system was designed for

    It's also a nice way to learn Python and wxWidgets.

    If you're interested, please contact me via

    Please be aware that before giving up the project I may ask you a test question like "what you want to do with it" and even keep an eye on it. On the brighter side this means that I'll still be here to help and answer questions :)

  • I am interested in this. I am looking to take up this project for python learning.