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Karaoke Game is looking for ObjectPascal/Delphi programmers, testers, ...

  • UltraStar Deluxe is an OSS cross-platform (win, mac, lin) singing game with a huge user base (top of all game downloads, >80.000 downloads per week). Its core code is in ObjectPascal/Delphi with plugins in lua. The list of libraries is: ffmpeg, freetype, OpenGL, SDL, libpng, SQLite, portaudio, pcre, projectM, zlib. The tasks range from updating and testing headers for C libraries to extending the UI to more tracks. The most pressing need is for a windows programmer. Testers, release engineers, web page and wiki authors, forum moderators are welcome likewise.

    svn repository:
    open bugtracker:

    contact: irc channel #ultrastardx on

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  • TridenT

    Most of the links in the 'developement' home page are dead .. too bad !

    UltraStar Deluxe Wiki – Compile overview

    Linux compile tutorials
    Mac OS X compile tutorials
    Windows compile tutorial


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