Java Swing programmers

  • giannil

    Hi ,
    I'm doing a program in java 7 Swing with Derby as a database. The program is located here: . The program allows you to do a survey of needs and resources in the parish and community so as to relate the needs with the resources that can possibly satisfy them. The program allows you to export the data in csv format and open them using a spreadsheet to create statistical graphs . To relate the needs and resources using the id of the resource and put it in the table of people but I would like to find a more agreeable to link needs with resources . Furthermore, the data and graphs do not want to get them in various spreadsheets within the program but I would like a printable document with all data and charts , including in the program a document with data and charts . I would like that the user could easily choose what data to export. Finally I would like to create a printable card to be filled by people according to the data of the program to accomplish the survey. Is there anyone who would like to collaborate in making these changes? Thanks

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    • I would like to contribute...

  • LuciV

    I would like to contribute. I'm a software engineering student, familiar with both swing and Derby DB.

    • Luc
  • faraz

    I'm interested and would like to contribute.

  • Alan Bridgeman
    Alan Bridgeman

    If you still need help, I am interested and have quite a bit of experience with swing.

  • I would like to contribute

  • Suraj Alok
    Suraj Alok

    I would like to contribute

  • Ariel N
    Ariel N

    I would like to contribute,If you still need help!

  • Larisa

    I'm interested in helping out. What should I do to get started?

  • Ebrahim Salehi
    Ebrahim Salehi

    6-7 years ago I implemented Leitner Box with the same technology, Java Swing and Apache Derby.
    Having about 10 years of Java development experience, I'm ready to contribute.

  • bcube

    I am interested in.