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Needed: Project Lead Assistant

  • Matthias Rothe
    Matthias Rothe


    as I've got three OSS projects in different stages of development by now and haven't got to enough time to spend as much time on each project as it deserves I'm looking for a project lead assistent to support me in all aspects of project development.

    The successful candidate will have the opportunity to lead developers, testers, documenters and other project staff. He will be responsible for reacting to user requests, prepare and hold presentations to spread the word, support in documentation efforts, get a say in architectural matters of the software and the roadmap of the projects and much more.

    Eventually the successful candidate will get admin rights on the projects and is expected to be able to take the project over, leaving me to just oversee the further development on a high level.

    As all projects are Java based the successful candidate must have a very strong background in Java. Furthermore he would have great people skills, have worked on OSS projects before, preferably in a leading role.

    If you're up for the challenge, please have a look at my projects: Extensible Component Scanner, TestNG Data Binding and Jetro - JSON Transformation Engine and drop me an email at mimarox@users.sourceforge.net.

    Looking forward to hearing from you!

    Kind regards,