C++ OpenGL programmer for MegaGlest RTS game

  • Tom Reynolds
    Tom Reynolds

    MegaGlest, an entirely volunteer driven open source real-time strategy game, is looking for a C++ programmer with OpenGL background. Sadly we are short on time (currently two game engine developers with families) so cannot train novices, but are very much looking to work with people with existing skills (intermediary or better).

    Please read up on our development pages for more information. To get a better idea on the MegaGlest project, please also check our forums, an older interview with the current MegaGlest team and the project initiators' recent introductory presentation on MegaGlest.

    If interested, please contact the team as discussed on the website. When you do, please tell us about you, your skills (have you been working on something similar in the past?), and suggest some area you would be interested to work on.

    Thank you,


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  • Tom Reynolds
    Tom Reynolds


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  • Tom Reynolds
    Tom Reynolds

    Thanks to anyone who got in touch so far. We're still looking for contributors here for a while since this was just published on opengl.org.

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  • Hui Qi
    Hui Qi

    Hi Tom, I want to be a contributor here, I am a Linux C/C++ programmer, but know little about OpenGL, do you think I'm suitable for the project ? thank you !

    BTW, my email is: qihui81@gmail.com

    • Tom Reynolds
      Tom Reynolds


      thanks for getting in touch and sorry about the late reply. We're primarily looking for C++ programmers with an OpenGL background, but the developers may be interested in growing the team in general, so please send along some links or summaries on what you've been working on lately and tell us about you.

      Thank you.

  • Arun Gupta
    Arun Gupta

    Hi Tom, I want to be a contributor here, I am a Linux C/C++ programmer, but know little about OpenGL.

    email --> mail@arungupta.co.in

  • Hey, I have been programming in C/C++ for 3 years on Linux.I know the basics of OpenGL as I had created a flight based game as a project for my Computer Graphics course.I am well-versed in Data Structures and Algorithms and do a lot of competitive programming as well.Here is a link to my works: