Special type of Web Site Design needed

  • Lynn Johnson
    Lynn Johnson

    I need help building my web site. I need a 3-d interactive site and could really use a mentor in this area. I'm still learning a lot and programming is not my specialty for what I need done.

    I have so many things that need attention (custom databases and a couple different applications) they all need to be developed. I am not too confident trying to do this on my own, guess it's something I'm confused on, lack of sleep maybe. But I have a window of opportunity in front of me and I need to grab it now.

    Let me know if you are interested...I have big plans for this site as well as the applications that I would rather be stumbling on. These days multitasking on several ideas that meld down to the very foundation they will be housed in, should have been already built.

    Seems like I am getting as far as that nano-engine project's link...hahahaha