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New django/python project management system help wanted

  • georgeg

    I just started an interesting project written in django. The project is intended to help small teams to maintain projects development life cycle and the first goal is to implement a software requests interface. For that, experimented developers as well as developers that just started to work with django are needed for this project.
    Although other projects exist with this intention, the are always too complex to be used by people with less experience, and "the client" is almost always an unexperienced person.
    If treated with interest, this project has all the chances to grow and become a success story like many others on sourceforge.
    Not only developers are needed but also people with experience in project life cycle management and people that can provide good ideas, but keep in mind the project philosophy: simple and easy to be used.
    Although simple, the project use advanced programming paradigms like MVC which does not affect the project complexity but makes it even easier to maintain and code
    If you are interested, please take a look here: and contact me to add you as a developer.

  • Akshay V
    Akshay V

    I would be interested in working on it. I have a basic understanding of Yii Framework.