Programmer wanted / Any language / output = PDF form and email

  • Sarel

    Hey, this is my first time posting on this website. Basically I have the idea for this project, but require some one to do the programming, and we could work togerther.

    Describe what the project does:

    Input: Monthly data in table format
    Calculation: basic calculations and saving data to be re-used next month
    Output: PDF form in specific format and email (South African law)

    Link to the project summary page or website:

    Not created yet

    Language(s) the project is coded in:

    Any language - doesn't matter - as long as it works in Windows. (Perhaps one can compile it for linux and mac also)

    Links to specific tickets that they could get started on:

    To be created still

    The project is a hobby for me, so unfortunately there will be no remuneration. But there may be ways to make money from it later on, but this is not gauranteed.

    About me:

    Full time accountant, got Delphi programming experience, but want to do this project with other people to get experience. Also have other private projects that I have so this project will be my hobby.

    Can contact me directly at or through this forum.

    • mullerhx

      Hi Sarel,
      I'd like to help out too. Sounds like an interesting project.

      • Sarel

        I've send u an email Hendrik.

    • Hi Sarel,
      I'm interested in this project, I'm a still Computer science student but I have experience in Java and many other languages and can prove to be very adaptive. I'd really like to help out.

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  • James

    Hello Sarel,
    I am interested in this project. Can you provide more information about the requirements? If it is programmed in Java then it can run in Windows and Linux. I am a Systems Engineer but I used to be a programmer. I have my degree in Computer Science. I also have experience developing in Delphi, VB.Net and some Java.

  • LuciV

    Hi, Sarel.
    It sounds interesting. I would like to know more and to get involved in the development of this project. I'm a software engineering student, familiar with the Java platform (which is the best option to build cross platform software applications).

  • I have built some small tools before. I'd very much like to help with this project.

  • yosef_gao

    Hi Sarel.
    Firstly to introduce myself. I'm still a Computer Science student, and almost have no project experience. But I'm very interested in this project . I'm proficient in c++ as well as c#. I'd like to help out too.

  • Hello Sarel,
    I am a Computer Science and Engineering student with no Formal project Experience(there are plenty of personal/solo projects and university projects). I am familiar with C/C++/C#/Python/PHP and have a working knowledge of VB/SQL and java. Annd also I have made tools like this before. so, I would like you to give me chance to contribute in this project.


  • Erich Schulman
    Erich Schulman

    I have actually done custom projects like this for Windows using a combination of open and closed source languages and libraries.

    Input: Monthly data in table format
    Most of the projects I have done would use one or more comma (or tab) delimited files for their inputs; a few used a spreadsheet. Most projects were for integration with the SouthWare accounting package.

    Calculation: basic calculations and saving data to be re-used next month
    I have done projects that calculated employer matches for 401k plans. I have also done projects that calculate and analyze sales data.

    Output: PDF form in specific format and email (South African law)
    As a USA resident, I will not be familiar with RSA laws. For PDF output, I have done a project that uses libHaru to automatically archive data entered by the end user in a Windows desktop application. For e-mail output, I can do this either as a e-mail client or by calling upon external tools such as wMailTo. When taking the latter approach, I use a .ini with a command line template to make it easier to change the external program whenever desired.

    Thank you for your consideration, and let me know if you have any questions.