giServer project is looking for writers

  • Jean Schmitz
    Jean Schmitz

    we are looking for help on getting the giServer project to the next level.
    The giServer project needs help with the user and technical/development documentation.

    The giServer is an full featured integration server, that allows development, controlling and running batch jobs within small- to medium-sized enterprise applications.

    We need help on the following documentation:
    - First Steps
    - Installation
    - Batch-/Trigger-/Plugin-Development
    - Development examples
    - UI user documentation (giServer-Manager)
    - Server configuration
    - and more...

    We are also in need of a (natural) english speaker, that can double-check our documentation.

    Have a look here for more details:


  • Nelda Street
    Nelda Street

    Hello, if the documentation project is still ongoing, I would like to help. I have more than ten years of editing experience plus some tech editing experience and writing experience. You can reach me through my website neldastreet (dot) com. Thanks.