Looking for skill-sharpening project in Java (incl. Android) or C/C++, or skill Building in javascript python/django or others.

  • Gabriel Burns
    Gabriel Burns

    I got my CS degree about a year and a half ago, and finding my first job has taken longer than I hoped. I am looking for a project to improve my skills and keep the cobwebs off while I continue to look for employment. My Education focused primarily on Java, including an internship developing an Android app. I also did a fair amount of work in C/C++ as well as dabbling in javascript, python, and a few others.

    My interests include Music, Math and Game AI, but really I'm interested in anything that gives my problems to solve and challenges to overcome. I would prefer to work on a project led by someone with more experience than myself who can help me become a better programmer, and who I can help out with the grunt work.

    I will try to check this forum, but anyone interested in my help should email me at payprplayn (at symbol) gmail period com.

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    • Code Guru
      Code Guru

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    • Kalaeido


      im working on a game engine / toolkit since it started to study as part time projet. I worked on last revision one year (3 months of total time) and reached version 4 of my totally reworked code and this is the problem in working part time so this is to all developers out with a little time to get in my project.

      The system is written in C++ as its core language and based on the opengl api at PC and Mac systems.
      The project is posted on sourceforge so any interested people may send me a message.

      It would be nice if you would take a short look at the page

      Just contact me if you're interested.
      greetings kalaeido