Looking for PHP, Java, C++ Project

  • Angela


    I have experience in PHP, Javascript and Html. I worked on a few web
    applications as an intern, while i was studying. Where i got my
    experience with databases, web programming and a little bit of webdesign.

    I also have programming experience in java, but it has bin a while
    since i used it. A project needing a C++ programmer would also be nice,
    as i would like to improve my skills from university in the language.

    I`m interested in math, physics and a lot of science topics.

    Looking forward to your replies.

    • sketchx

      Hi. I am the lead developer for a number of projects collectively owned by me, i'm in need of a c++ developer and experience with php, python, javascript and shell scriping would be nice. If you're interested, shout at me via email - denver@denverfreeburn.com

    • Hi from Holland,
      Our non-profit society is in need for (small) changes in a PHP document
      It's already there but needs some adjustments to implement basic info that is always the same, but which we now have to type again and again with every record
      If you could have a go at that, please let us know, it would be much appreciated
      Met vriendelijke groeten/greetings from
      Joop Giesendanner
      Stichting Oudheidkamer Oostzaan, afd genealogie/FB

  • Kalaeido


    were working on a game engine / toolkit since i started to study as part time projet. I worked on last revision one year (3 months of total time) and reached version 4 of my totally reworked code and this is the problem in working part time so this is to all developers out with a little time to get in my project.

    The system is written in C++ as its core language and based on the opengl api at PC and Mac systems.
    The project is posted on sourceforge so any interested people may send me a message.

    It would be nice if you would take a short look at the page

    Our team is working hard on the project but needs a little more help for module creation and core mechanics.

    Just contact us if you're interested.
    greetings kalaeido

  • AnotherUser

    Hi Angela,

    Might be a case of being a bit late to the party, but we run a scientific project which looks at visualisation of point clouds, called 3Depict.

    We are looking for developers who can "bridge" the science-programming gap, and create algorithms, or visualisation code.

    Our codebase is primarily C++ (with some bash and python scripting for side-tasks). We would like to extend our project in visualisation, 3D point-cloud processing algorithms, and applicability to other science fields.

    If you think this sounds like something you would be interested in, please drop us a line!