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Java Project wanted to learn

  • Manuel


    I'm looking for a project that allow me to keep learning Java and understand what a real developer need. I'm working in support but I would like to redirect my carreer as developer. That's why I'm looking for a nice project where to grow with a nice group of people to collaborate and learn.

    I'm also familiar with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Sybase (actually working as support engineer with this language) and Python.

    I'm interested in financial area, but I like the world around mobile apps. In my personal live I like sports, mainly running and climbing, reading and traveling. And I love History.

    If you have patiente and willing to teach, and a nice project to join, I'm your guy.

    Hope to listen from somebody. Take care,

  • dirtybug

    Hello i am starting a protect on A local area network massager.
    The idea is to auto detect all the pc on the local area network and allow the user to start file sound or chat session between each other.
    regards Julio