Logo designer wanted

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    A logo designer wanted for a digital book management program. The purpose of the program is to find the e-books (ePub, PDF, etc.) in the folder specified by the user and then provide a GUI that displays the list of books (with titles, authors, publishers, etc.).

    The project is in development so I cannot provide any screenshots, but similar projects can provide an idea of how it would look at the end. So here are some screenshots from similar products:

    Adobe Digital Editions:
    http://img.informer.com/screenshots/20/20086_5.jpg (check the right side pane with the list of books -only 2 in this case-)
    https://odhelp.blob.core.windows.net/content/articles/Images/Article406-1.png (here is a different view of the library with book covers)

    Sony Reader Library:
    http://www.blogcdn.com/www.engadget.com/media/2006/09/sonyreadera12.jpg (similar view, the program doesn't exist anymore)

    The left pane of the program will look different. It will have filters to select the books (for example to show the books of a single author or a publishing house...)

    I'm also open to name suggestions for the project. Since I'm just coding now, I didn't have to decide on a name. So, feel free to use your creativity to suggest a name and then design a logo for it (we need to agree on the name, of course).