User Accounts

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Account registration

Software can be downloaded from without registering an account. An account is needed in order to participate in discussion forums, submit bug reports, and join a project. Register a user account.

Account security

Accounts cannot be shared between users. Please register your own.
We encourage you to select a strong password for your account. Strong passwords are not shared between sites. Strong passwords contain both letters and numbers.
Please change your password on a regular basis.

If you decide not to use your account in the future, please remove it.

Account recovery

Newer accounts have a security question which we use for account recovery. Account holders of older accounts should set a security question.
If you lose your password, you may recover your account.
If you have lost your password, email access, and security question, you will need to contact us for assistance.

Account Merging

We often get requests from users to merge two accounts. We do not have the ability to do this. What we provide is a "migration" to a new account.

To do this, follow these steps:

  • Register a new user account using the name you prefer.
  • For any project that your account is a member of, let the project admin know that you are changing your account name, and have them add your new account to the project team.
  • If your old account is the admin of any projects, add your new account to those projects and give your new account admin status.
  • Login as your new account; remove the project admin flag on your old account for any projects for which it was the project admin.
  • Disable the old account from that project using the Project Admin / Members page for your project.
  • Logout so you can login under your old account for the last time. Use the following page to remove your old account:

This process will not migrate an account subscription or any donations that have been made from the account being removed.

Managing account features user accounts are provided a set of features to help them participate in projects. These features may be managed from the Account Maintenance page and your My page. These features include our donation system, site newsletters, and the ability to participate in forums.

Users who become project developers are provided further advanced features, such as shell service. Some of these services require the use of SSH keys.

All users are also provided a mail alias ( which they can use for sending and receiving mail. Mail sent to the alias is passed through anti-spam and anti-virus checks, then passed to the private email address associated with your account.

Email Address

Be sure to keep your email address current. If performing an email account recovery, the recovery email will be sent to email address associated with the account.

The email address associated with the account is used for newsletter updates, and site announcements. It is also used as the primary point of contact for staff to get in touch with you regarding any concerns with your account or projects (i.e., we receive an Abandoned Project Takeover request for a project where you are an administrator). Keep your email address current so you don't miss any important notices.


SourceForge uses Gravatar to provide its users with profile pictures, frequently known as Avatars. Gravatar is a platform that allows its users to share a single profile picture across multiple sites.

To set an avatar for the new SourceForge system, either:

  1. Go to the Admin -> Metadata page on your "User project" (these typically take the form:, and upload an avatar there.
  2. Add and configure the email address to Gravatar (replacing the username with the appropriate value). Note that you may need to edit the Mail Alias Behavior setting on your account page in order to let Gravatar's confirmation mail through.


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Site Support: #10234