Supported user software configuration

Supported User Software Configuration

The following operating system (OS) platforms are supported for access to the site:

OS Updates, Security Practices encourages you to follow the best practices regarding security. Through good computing habits, you will reduce the frequency of computer problems that can impact you and other Internet users. You will also eliminate many issues that would prevent you from enjoying the site.

Good security practices, often recommended by OS vendors, include:

  • Ensure your machine is free from unwanted spyware, trojans and viruses.
  • Operate your machine from behind a hardware or software firewall to prevent unwanted remote access.
  • Apply all OS vendor-supplied patches and updates.
  • Upgrade to more current OS releases when support is ceased for older releases, to ensure availability of security patches and critical bug fixes.
  • Scan all downloaded software before execution or running.
  • Do not give out your password -- staff will never request this information.
  • Report problems you find in software to your OS distributor or the developers of that software, so those problems may be fixed.

AntiVirus software, suitable for dealing with spyware, trojans and viruses may be obtained from the ClamAV project (hosted on

Web Browser Software

For all versions: the most current, non-beta bug fix release is the supported version.

The following browsers are known to work reliably with, without compatibility problems:

Microsoft Windows* Mac OS X Linux
Chrome Supported Supported Supported
Mozilla Firefox Supported Supported Supported
IE 8 - 11 Supported
Safari Supported

* Windows versions currently supported by Microsoft

Web Browser Requirements

Portions of the web site utilize specific browser features, which must be enabled for proper operation. These include:

  • JavaScript, which allows us to use certain types of dynamic user interface elements.
  • Cookies, which allow us to store authentication tokens and other persistent session information on your computer. They may also be used by our advertising providers on our pages.
  • SSL support is required for login to
    • SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), which may encrypt data sent between your computer and the site for added security.
  • 1024x768 minimum screen resolution, to allow sufficient space for our layout elements such as navigation bars.