Project Control

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Project control offers administrators of projects a multitude of tools to help them initiate and grow their projects. A project takes regular effort to get off the ground and to gain support from the community. Project administrators are most effective and successful when they take the time to explore and take advantage of the tools they need that add value to their project and their users.

When there are questions or issues with a project, members of the staff will reach out to the project adminstrator(s) of record to get assistance. Please be sure to respond as quickly as possible on any such inquiry.


The starting point to take control of and get started on Producing Open Source Software, your project, is from the Project Summary page ( under the Develop -> Project Admin menu.

Each item on that menu offers either the ability to enable or disable a function (such as enabling Mailing lists, and Hosted Apps, etc.) and there is additional data about many of the project administration features captured therein as well.

When the project is ready to get started, you'll want to keep much of this data handy as it will help the whole team to move in the same direction.

Key functions

There are several key factors for developers to monitor and maintain to assure data integrity and progress for their projects.


The key things an administrator needs to assure are in place for good maintenance of their projects is backups of critical data, (which can be done in alternate modes). There are separate facilities for CVS and Subversion.

File release management

New projects should strive to make their first File Release as early as possible, as to give potential developers and users something they can collaborate to improve. "Release early, release often" is the key motto in open source development.


One of the common tasks between both developers and project administrators is spreading the word about your project. provides a project news system, Screenshots, and RSS feeds to help promote your project. also provides each project the ability to store project-related web content on its servers. This service offering (Project web) has a number of complimentary services. Project shell services are provided to permit management and generation of project web content. Project database services are provided to allow projects to have more complex web sites (many content management systems can use a database backend). also provides a Custom VHOSTs (Virtual Host) service, which allows our web servers to answer traffic for a domain that you register. Having a domain dedicated to your project can be one of the key things to help your project gain visibility with users when searching (Google).

Project reviews

Projects also have a publicly visible voting system, Project reviews, where users can vote a project up or down.


Customize project navigation


Adding members to your project will help in a number of ways, not the least of which is you get other people to be thinking about your ideas. Recruiting new members from the Help Wanted page is a great place to start. You also opt-in to accept Donations. This is one way that users of your software can show their support and offer thanks to the team.

User responsiveness

Your users may be your greatest resource. As users install and try out your software, it is key to be sure to respond promptly to their feedback or issues encountered. If there is a bug reported, fixing it and issuing new release will help show the user base that you are serious about what you and the team are doing. Using the news facility to announce the updates and reminding users to monitor your project news will further help build momentum.

Export Control

SourceForge has project settings to help you comply with regulations governing distribution of software to persons from certain countries (aka Export Controls).

If you are not sure how your project aligns in relation to the laws, we recommend that you consider consulting the Software Freedom Law center. In addition, the relevant regulations from the U.S. Government can be found at: and


By default, software downloads initiated by visitors from Sudan, North Korea, Syria, Iran and Cuba are blocked.

A project administrator may disable this blocking if they conclude that their project is not subject to US export-related regulations or any prohibitions of applicable jurisdictions:

  • Project Admin -> Project Settings
  • Find the "Export Control" section and read the options closely
  • Tick the first radio button under "Export Control" and click "Update"

Statistics provides a variety of statistics about the usage of your project resources. These statistics may be used by your project to help identify growth trends and to identify potential problems in your support and development processes.