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  • matfanjol

    I have taken a look at
    I have tried to download the FileZilla Client where the SourceForge installer is present.
    I understand that a free service has to be paied by somebody otherwise it can't exist.
    My personal suggestions are:
    1) avoid the use of the SourceForge installer.
    If you think this is impossible, let me download one .EXE file with the installation of my downloaded program (i.e. Filezilla client) and, when the installation is finished (clearly finished) show me a "Do you know..." window with an introduction of the advertised software.
    In this window no automatic installation should start: just a button/link to go to the web page where to find more information and, from there, if I like and I want, I can download and install it
    2) in your site enclosed the advertisements inside a fix area of the screen with a fix and visible color with "Advertisements" texts. In this way everyone should always know that area is for Advertisements and so no confusion for the users.
    3) (if it doesn't already exist) organize, with other big companies, an international "free service day" (same date each year) where people is invited to support (make donations) these services, to know more about them and to join into them. To know more can be important. I.e. if you print out how many servers you handle, how many energy power you use, how many people maintain them, how many projects you host, etc., more people will support you.

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    • 1) Yes, we want to make certain that users are aware of additional offers. Any project that has signed up to participate in DevShare has a FAQ attached to the additional offers to provide users with detailed information as to what they are seeing.

      We also have set up the program so all users must accept any additional offers proposed at installation time. We do not want to mislead anyone into accepting any offers they are not interested in.
      We want also to make sure that end-users take a look at our sponsors'
      offers, that's why we include those offers in the installation flow.

      2) We do not display ads mixed with the content, but you might want to check our our brand new initiative aimed at blocking misleading ads, see

      3) We heard other suggestion along this line, we'll keep that in mind.

      Thanks for your feedback

  • 'Are you suggesting we charge a minor fee for downloading on a per download basis? Interesting suggestion.' If this is measure is realized in the future then as a developer I will drop my support for the sourceforge and will remove my application from the platform as this opposes the free software foundation and the open source initiative.

  • That was an end-user's suggestion, not ours. We found that feedback interesting, so is yours. We're trying to understand what our developers and end-users are recommending, and getting feedback and many opinions will help us decide what’s the best way to go forward.

    We'll probably share our blueprint sometimes in early January, we look forward to get more input from you at that time too.