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Staff Tips

We the SourceForge staff consider ourselves a part of the SourceForge community as well, so it's only natural that we would contribute to the community doc efforts.

Any community docs created by SF staff will be tagged with the label stafftips. These docs will typically cover topics that for some reason are not suitable for the official documentation (eg., a niche topic, or not officially supported). If a topic proves to be particularly popular, it may get cleaned up and moved to the official docs.

While we'll try and provide an organized table of contents of staff tips, you can also find a full listing of all the stafftips here

Table of Contents


Download Files From The Command Line

File Release System

Using FRS to host a yum repository

Setting a file as the default download via the REST API


Community Docs: Home
Community Docs: Using the Release API
Community Docs: downloading-via-cli
Community Docs: yum-repo-in-frs


  • Claude B.
    Claude B.

    In my eMail today (Dec. 31, 2012) I received a note on the latest version of VLC from you, it mention the new version is 2.04. I just install the latest version (French) and it is Version 2.0.5
    Thanks for your attention.
    Happy New Year 2013.