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  • David A
    David A


    The Git-Beta documentation page says MOUNTPOINT is 'code'
    (without the quotes, of course) and
    that substituting one's project name for PROJECTNAME one backs up using

    rsync -av git.code.sf.net::p/PROJECTNAME/MOUNTPOINT .

    But that does not work, it gets an error
    that the mountpoint is unknown.
    The word code is not the true mountpoint, it seems.

    rsync -av git.code.sf.net::p/PROJECTNAME .

    seems to work though. Or at least it gets one's
    project files.

    • Chris Tsai
      Chris Tsai

      No, the documentation says that the default mountpoint is 'code'. That is not always the case. What's the exact repo you're trying to get a backup of?

      • Chris Tsai
        Chris Tsai

        Ah, I see the problem, need to add ".git" to the end of the path, doc updated appropriately.