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Title Last Update By Last Updated
Git Chris Tsai (ctsai) 2013-11-11
Home Asking_questions (fakenames) 2012-11-28
Hosted Apps Backups via Shell Chris Tsai (ctsai) 2014-05-19
Hosted Apps Retirement Dave Brondsema (brondsem) 2014-09-05
Importing Hosted Apps MantisBT Chris Tsai (ctsai) 2014-05-19
Migrating MediaWiki from Hosted Apps Wayne Davison (wdavison) 2014-08-28
Migrating Piwik from Hosted Apps Jak_o_Shadows (jak-o-shadows) 2013-02-04
Migrating Trac from Hosted Apps Wayne Davison (wdavison) 2014-07-28
Migrating WP from Hosted Apps Chris Tsai (ctsai) 2014-06-06
Migrating phpBB from Hosted Apps r_x (r_x) 2014-05-28
Project Permissions Chris Tsai (ctsai) 2013-04-11
Project Toolbar Jak_o_Shadows (jak-o-shadows) 2013-02-04
Repository Upgrade Steve Lamont (spl) 2013-06-07
Repository Upgrade FAQ Chris Tsai (ctsai) 2013-05-30
SVN and project upgrades Chris Tsai (ctsai) 2013-01-31
SVN on Windows Chris Tsai (ctsai) 2012-10-15
Search an_zi (an_zi) 2013-04-03
SourceForge Games Rich Bowen (rbowen) 2012-12-27
Subversion Andreas Maier (maiera) 2014-11-06
TortoiseSVN Chris Tsai (ctsai) 2012-09-17
Trac XMLRPC Christopher Tsai (ctsai) 2011-10-05
URL shortener app migration Cory Johns (masterbunnyfu) 2013-06-26
Using the Release API Dave Brondsema (brondsem) 2015-02-04
Virus Checked Roberto Galoppini (rgaloppini) 2015-01-21
code-of-conduct Elizabeth Naramore (elizabethn) 2011-08-04
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