The Trac XMLRPC plugin is enabled for our Hosted Apps Trac, for basic information on this, please see our main documentation.

As a SourceForge user, if you have any tips, tricks, or examples of what can be done with this plugin, feel free to add it to this page.


  • Hi

    Thanks for the plugin activation however we still have some problems to use it with Mylyn:

    1) I'm not able, with Mylyn, to use an authenticated account for the trac
    connection :(
    Mylyn seems not to manage correctly the http://\<username>:\<password>\<project>/login/xmlrpc url: it's like the "username:password@" part is not handled correctly. When I specify a user and an password in the mMylyn form, it doesn't work either...

    2) I've been able to see my sourceforge trac using an '''anonymous connection''' using Mylyn and the following configuration:
    - trac: give XML_RPC permission for the anonymous user
    - Mylyn: use\<project> and XML-RPC as server and access type parameters (Mylyn uses then\<project>/xmlrpc to interact with trac ;) )

    I can then retrieve and query tickets lists, however when I try to display a ticket, I get the following error: XML-RPC method ''"ticket.getActions"'' not found

    So in fact we actually have at least 2 problems with the (newly activated) trac xmlrpc plugin installed at sourceforge.

    First the trac xmlrpc plugin installed seems to be a very old version (ticket.geActions has been introduced 3 years ago and ticket.getAvailableActions is deprecated since - see ). Mylyn uses the new API so we"re doomed...

    Secondly the authentication doesn't work well... at least with Mylyn.

    Mylyn is not able to use the "https://\<username>:\<password>\<project>/" url we're advised to use:
    If I specify the user and password in the Mylyn conf form it doesn't work either... Then I get the following error: " No Trac repository found at url: HTTP Error 302"
    So here again we're doomed

    PS: note that authenticated access with curl (using either "curl https://\<username>:\<password>\<project>/login/xmlrpc" or "curl --basic --user \<username>:\<password>\<project>/login/xmlrpc") works well...

    Perhaps a newer version of trac xmlrpc plugin could solve all of theses problems...

    As bug 1416 is about accessing to SF trac using Mylyn, perhaps you could reopen it - or at least not tag it as fixed.

    Last edit: Stéphane Talbot 2012-03-08