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Note: Writing this in the Community Docs section until I get it cleaned up enough to put into the Official Documentation

Configuring TortoiseSVN for svn+ssh

Simply use the svn+ssh URL for access. eg., svn+ssh://ctsai@svn.code.sf.net/p/fancypants/svn/

TortoiseSVN doesn't need any extra configuration to use svn+ssh, however as it doesn't save your password, it will continue to prompt for the user password whenever needed, which may be multiple times for a single checkout or commmit. To get around this, we recommend using pageant with an SSH key

Using an SSH key with TortoiseSVN

  1. Download Pageant and PuTTYgen
  2. Follow these instructions for generating an SSH key, using USERNAME@svn.code.sf.net as the key comment. Make sure to save the private key data.
  3. Post the public key to your Account SSH page
  4. Start pageant.exe and add the private key
  5. Use TortoiseSVN as normal, you should no longer be prompted for a password.

So you don't have to repeat step 4 every time you start your computer, you may want to configure pageant to startup automatically with Windows

This guide may also be useful.

  • Enzo Fortuna
    Enzo Fortuna

    embarrassing but I've follow your steps until N.4. Here is my problem.
    Pageant.exe have no user interface and I don't understand where I can add my private Key.
    I've set it on Tortoise-setting-Netwok- SSH client, but can't still commit
    I've run pageant on a Dos windows but no way.
    Then I try Plink ( and the same for TortoisePlink)
    I've try to run with "-i" and "-pw" parameters without success (when I try to commit code I fail with "Authorization failed")
    How I can setup Tortoise to commit?
    My Sourceforge is setup as developers in JMRI.
    Please help this novice.
    Thanks in adv for any trick
    Enzo Fortuna

  • JiM Brunaud
    JiM Brunaud


  • JiM Brunaud
    JiM Brunaud


  • Nick Westgate
    Nick Westgate

    What a hassle. It's easier to just use https.