Use of Japanese in the environment

  • Marc

    I'm new to this tool, and am having to evaluate it for use as for both internal and external translations. My first question is... am using the STABLE version 5.7, and though it offers Japanese as a target language, it is not offered as a source. Do later versions offer this option, and if not, is there any way I can get around it?. Our translations here are ALL Japanese to English, French, German etc, with almost nothing going the other way.

    • Jonathan Clark
      Jonathan Clark

      Currently there is no version that supports Japanese as source, although this is a feature request from a number of users.

      I'd be willing to coordinate the development project if there are any volunteers.

    • Marc

      Well since I have zero programming ability (I'm just an End-User) I don't know how much use I would be but I would definitely be willing to help with testing.

    • Marc

      Bump!. Anyone else interested?. I need this!

    • Bill Keese
      Bill Keese

      FYI, I checked in changes to ForeignDesk to support Japanese as a source language.   Currently the changes exist only in CVS (there is no downloadable code).  If anyone is still interested in using Foreigndesk to translate from Japanese (into English, or another language), I'd be curious to know.

      (It could also in theory support Chinese, Korean, etc.)

    • Justin Hunt
      Justin Hunt

      In theory I would be interested in using Japanese as a source language. As a developer in a Japanese only company I don't translate much, but do have to from time to time. I will check out  the CVS. 

    • NateQ314

      I'm a translator of Chinese > English, and would be very interested in support for this combination.  I'm sure many colleagues of mine would also be interested.  However like the previous poster I'm just an end user, not a developer...  anybody have a guess as to how long it might take?  Seems like CHN (simp. and trad.) & JAP could both be added at once.