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How to change the language?

  • Hi,
    The game starts in the windows default language. How can I change this?
    Thanks in advance

  • The program has only translations for english and german. For all other languages english is used for default. If you want to translate in another language you have to copy the content from the directory foobillardplus\data\locale\en to foobillardplus\data\locale\&lt;to-digit-code of the new language>. Then edit/translate the content of the file foobillard.txt in the new created <to-digit-code of your language> directory to your language. The file content has to be in utf8-code. Some lines has a space at the end of a line. That's important, and the line in the new file must have a space there too.

    The file wetab-foobillard.txt is not important for you. That's only for the tablet pc wetab and meego.

    Thats all.

  • The program has only translations for english and german.

    Is it possible to manually select the desired language?

  • OK, if the program starts in english and you want the german version:

    rename the directories foobillardplus\data\locale\en to foobillardplus\data\locale\de and foobillardplus\data\locale\de to foobillardplus\data\locale\en.

  • That works. Thank you!