For me, one thing is certain: Behdad's fork of fontTools on Github is incredibly active. That's where the action is happening right now. 

Admittedly, Behdad's fork occasionally takes experimental directions, and is very driven my Behdad's own decisions (although Behdad is very good at listening to the voices from the users community). 

I think SourceForge could very well stay the place where the stable release is hosted, and where occasional major code imports from Behdad's fork could happen. 

Everyone interested, I recommend getting on the Google group for Behdad's fork:!forum/fonttools

Let's discuss a target for the next release, and once reached, move the code to SF and produce a release. 


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On 17.12.2013, at 04:48, Paul Wise <> wrote:

I'm subscribed to the list, no need to CC me.

On Tue, 2013-12-17 at 05:25 +0200, Mikhail Kashkin wrote:

Generally fonttools2 was release I made for my own needs
May be my explanation looks too complicated, but hope will explain my


Paul, my apologies, I've checked my mails again and found your
request. If it can excuse me I'm not involved into development and
don't know your names and so on.


Whole Source Forge ecosystem looks slightly dead for me, on that stage
I thought that FontTools was completely abandoned. This maillist
doesn't have any posts from ... 2008!

Unfortunately there was almost no-one interested in fonttools from 2008
to 2013 so no-one posted until this year. The people who became
interested this year (yourself, Dave, Behdad and others) appear to
prefer to send private email rather than public email to the list.

There was also a problem where mails from non-members were being
discarded, that is fixed now though.

You are owner now, can kick me from the list.

There wouldn't be any point reducing the amount of people who can update
it. Actually, is there any way to make it publicly modifiable by anyone
like the page for fonttools is?

Old owner with id 'just' is still here, I think this is Just van


BTW, why you decided to resurrect development on UI is so 90x,
half links are broken, everything is terrible slow. GitHub probably
will attract more people and makes much easier communication for

FontTools has always been on and I saw no reason to move it. I
don't have any of the issues you mention with, especially after
they moved to a new open source codebase. I also have an intense dislike
for github and really don't understand why anyone could like it. I also
don't think it is a good idea to move hosting (from github to sf or vice
versa), it breaks links elsewhere.

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